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About Sedi
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SEDI was founded in September 2008 by freelance dietitian Niamh O’Connor RD MINDI.

Registered business name: SEDI (Self Employed Dietitians of Ireland)

Registered number:  374530, Ireland.

SEDI is a networking group for freelance dietitians who work in any or all areas of professional nutrition and dietetics, including clinical private practice, freelance consultancy, lecturing, training, research, business, clinical consultancy for private hospitals and nursing homes, sports nutrition, consultancy for companies in food, healthcare & pharmaceutical sector.

Aims & Objectives of SEDI


Networking, Support & Mentoring

  1. Forum to share and disseminate dietetic knowledge and experience

  2. Continuous Professional Development & Education

  3. Cross Referral of business within the network

Membership eligibility criteria includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Sole source of income must be from self-employment.  Dietitians who are HSE employees and/or a PAYE worker/employee in any other institution, company or organisation are not eligible to join the group.

  2. Business must be based in Rep. of Ireland

  3. Applicants must have a Minimum of 5 years post-qualification experience

  4. Applicants must be full-time self-employed for at least 1 full year prior to applying for membership of SEDI

  5. All applicants must be state registered with CORU, the health regulator.

  6. Existing SEDI members who are undertaking Post-graduates degrees/MSc/PhDs etc. are eligible to remain a member as long they were self employed for one year prior to commencing post-grad studies.

  7. Membership is neither automatic nor guaranteed. Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria. Their application is subsequently voted on by members on a case-by-case basis at our quarterly meetings. The groups’ decision is final in relation to any membership application.

  8. INDI membership is also essential, for the purposes of Professional Indemnity insurance & Fitness To Practice insurance.

Apply for SEDI Membership 

If you are interested in becoming a member of SEDI, please email Niamh O’Connor RD on and you will be sent an up-to-date Terms of Reference document, and a membership application form.

Your application will be considered at the next quarterly SEDI meeting. 

SEDI is self-funded by members. There is a once-off joining fee, which is currently €150. A small annual renewal fee of €40 per member is payable thereafter, to cover the cost of venues for educational / CPD meetings and guest speakers. All fees are reviewed annually.



Freelance Dietitians


Advocate. Educate. Collaborate.

Founded 2008

Registered Members

Niamh Connor RD MINDI

Title: Consultant Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist

Business: Cork Nutrition Consultancy

Elaine McGowan RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian/Clinical Nutritionist & Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Business: Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinics Dublin.

Aveen Bannon RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian

Business: Dublin Nutrition Centre 

Sarah Keogh RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian

Business: Eatwell Consultancy & Albany Clinic (Dublin)

Richelle Flanagan RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian

Business: Nutrition Wise (Dublin)

Orla Walsh RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian

Business: Orla Walsh Nutrition (Dublin)

Ellen Roche RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist

Business: Nutri Vive Nutrition Clinics (Kilkenny, Carlow & Kildare)

Dr. Kevina Cardiff RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian

Business: Pure Nutrition (Dublin)

Dr. Mary McCreery RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian

Business: Dr Mary McCreery (Dublin)

Gillian McConnell RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian

Business: Inside Out Nutrition (Dublin)

Aisling Snedker RD MINDI


Title: Consultant Dietitian

Business: Clinical Dietitian (Galway)

services we offer

We offer a wide range of services across clinical consultations, referrals and specialities. We also provide services to corporates including, Health promotion programmes, Menu Analysis, Development of healthy eating policies and much more.

Clinical Consultations, Referrals & Specialities


  • Allergy emergency plans for parents and schools

  • Anaemia

  • Coeliac Disease in in children/adolescents

  • Constipation in children/adolescents

  • Diverticular disease / diverticulitis

  • Food intolerance

  • Gestational/ Diabetes during pregnancy

  • Gout

  • Healthy Eating and general nutrition

  • Heart Health – cholesterol/blood pressure

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Diarrhoea/constipation/wind/bloating)

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome in children/adolescents

  • Low FODMAP diet

  • Malnutrition/Undernutrition

  • Nutrition & Mental health

  • Nutrition for people with Cancer Nutrition

  • Nutrition before, during and after pregnancy

  • Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

  • PCOS

  • Raised blood sugars & Type 2 Diabetes

  • Reflux / Hiatus Hernia / Oesophagitis/ Barrett’s Oesophagus

  • Sports nutrition

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Weight management in children/adolescents

  • Weight management for adults


Corporate & Consultancy Services

  • Health promotion programmes

  • Health screening (body composition, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure)

  • Intranet presentations

  • Menu Analysis / calorie posting

  • Menu development/auditing / assessment / planning / mentoring

  • Nutrition education material

  • Nutrition information stands

  • Nutrition policy development

  • On site one-to-one dietetic clinics

  • Onsite interactive workshops & presentations

  • Product development

  • Product launches, trade shows, exhibitions

  • Project management for nutrition service development

  • School health initiatives

  • School staff education: nutrition related issues on primary & secondary school curricula

  • Supermarket promotions / tours / stands / events

  • Workplace Health & Wellness initiatives

  • Corporate consultancy for food / nutrition/ catering companies

  • Development of healthy eating policies for schools/universities

  • EAP programmes (Employee Assistance Programmes)

  • Food Labelling

  • Group Weight Management programmes

  • Health & Wellness for schools and clubs


Statement of Disclosure

SEDI acknowledges that financial support in the form of unrestricted educational grant aid was accepted in the past.


Whilst SEDI members were grateful for that financial support at the time, we, as a group, decided in April 2017 not to accept any further sponsorship or educational grants from any company or industry. This policy will remain in place.

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